Your safety is our priority!

Can i cancel my reservation free of charge due to health or pandemic-related reasons?

We do offer special rates which are cancellable until 6pm on the arrival day to grant you security and flexibility. Your safety is our priority so it is important that you have the options to cancel or change your reservations free of charge.

Do I have to wear a mask/mouth-nose-protection in your hotel?

Due to the regulations of the health department „Robert-Koch-Institute“, there is no obligation to wear a mask inside hotels. You can freely choose within the guidelines of your own views and estimation.

Do certain distance regulations have to be respected?

Yes, indeed! We inform you about the distance regulations in every sector of our hotel and kindly ask you to obey to these. Please be aware of eventual waiting times due to the distance regulations.

Did you update your cleaning standards?

The following of new cleaning standards is very important to us, so we changed the already high standards and procedures. We regularly disinfect all room cards, pens, handrails, door knobs and other important touching points. This of course also applies to objects and surfaces in your room.

How many persons are allowed to use one elevator?

There apply different rules to our elevators due to different sizes. We recommend to only attend the elevators with one to two people at the same time. We kindly ask for your understanding for waiting times.

Did the furnishing and equipment of the rooms change?

This question can be answered with: less is more! We removed some items to avoid unnecessary touching points in the rooms. We also changed the working structure with the laundry so that all towels, sheets etc. arrive safely and hygienically packed.

Will the breakfast be served in a buffet style again?

It is very important to us to stay in the hygienic guidelines set by the government and health departments. At the moment, a buffet style breakfast is not possible. We will serve your breakfast in our restaurant. At this point, we also ask for your understanding that longer waiting times can appeal in our restaurant.

Can i book massages and treatments?

We do have the opportunity to offer massages and treatments, feel free to contact us for more information.

Can I organize or plan a business meeting in your hotel?

We would love to welcome you! Meetings and conferences can be booked in our spacious banqueting rooms. Do not hesitate to contact us for requests or information.

Anything else I have to know?

We kindly remind you about the most important thing to us: Your safety is our priority! We regularly update all standards and procedures and adjust to new information we receive. Our crisis management team, is actively on duty to prepare for new situations or emergencies. To react quickly in the case of an infection, we established a proper documentation of the conctact data of all guests, visitors and employees. We work closely together with the German health department and obey to all regulations and legal advices. Our effort only pays off if every person follows the rules and regulations as best as possible and we sincerely thank you for supporting us at this point.